Here is another handy item for those long tracks or hard to find sections.
It is a 3do set of 20 signs numbered 1 tru 20.
Contents of the read me file.

Copy all or part of these signs to both the Development and the Track folders. Remember to copy *matching* numbers if you're only using a few: Sign001.mip goes with sn001.3do, etc.
Build the .tso file with the aid of the GplTrk program:

Open 'Track' in the left upper window, (which is at the top of the 'tree') by Dbl-clicking on the word 'Track' or clicking the '+' to the left of the word 'Track'. For practice, click 'Section 1'. Copy the second number down in the 'Meaning' column (something close will do, no need to be exact) to the third column in the .tso file. As an example, say the number in GplTrk is 50 meters. Place that number in the .tso file:
[ 0]: 3, 160, -7, 0.0, 180, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, sn001
[ 1]: 3, 160, 7, 0.0, 180, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, sn001

Though it means more typing, the signs are harder to miss if placed on both sides of the track as in the example above. Remember to use the .3do number in the last column; using the .mip number won't work worth a darn! <;o)

Of course, once you've saved the completed .tso file, run Trk23dow or Trk23dof (thanks, Guru) and *BE SURE TO REMEMBER TO COPY* the new 3dos and mips to the appropriate Track folder! There won't be much of a change if you leave out that process! <:o/