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07/07/03 Mantorp Progress: Altitudes nearly done, Pit bldg has been built and most of the 3do are built and partially textured. Some new screenies to follow shortly. I hope to release this track within the next couple of months.

Macau: I have a drivable circuit with most of altitude work done and a pit bldg, this is a great circuit to drive and will be a hit once completed, however due to the size of the circuit it may be awhile before it is complete. Of course if there are any graphics people out there willing to dive in the help would be greatly appriciated, email me for details.

St.Pete 86: I went to this race when it was held and while it is not a widely known circuit it is a fun short street circuit and fast, Layout is done altitudes are done some of the downtown is done, it probably 50%, hope to release after Mantorp.

07/29/02 Bill Corraro has released his version of low res textures for all cars. And they look great!
You can get them and more info here

07/10/02 Neil brings us another little goodie for track building, A set of sign markers for placing at sections around the track. More details here.

07/05/02 Well Mantorp is progressing Nicly, layout is complete, altitudes are close to being done, still have cambers to do and then we can get down to making it look pretty, hope to have some screenshots done shortly and a little info about the progress ect. Meanwhile have a look at the offical site here

05/13/02 New Tool out,Neil has been at it again and he brings us an easy way to modify the starting grids.
This is also great for leagues and servers that wish to add some space between cars at the start. Get it here.

04/21/02 Track ini fix for malaysia, Not all cars in multiplayer would get green box at start of multi race. this has been repaired, get it here.

01/24/02 Software fix is out, I did not realize that there was a software mode issue until I read about a graphics corruption issue so when I checked the mips to my surprise I found quite a few mips that we no good for software mode.

So if your run software mode or a server or have graphics problems this should resolve it, either get the full download or get the smaller update, my apologies to any grief caused by this error. You can get it here.

01/15/02 Well it looks like the track went over well, however we had a major overload of the server, but a few email's later we had enough mirrors up to handle it, thanks to all.

Ok look for a revamped Malaysia, the track will stay the same but the graphics will be improved , repaired ect.

I have 2 street courses in the works, they are temporary courses 1 was used in 86-87 the other is in the works for 2003. They share part of the course in each version so graphics will share a little.

The layout has been done for awhile and altitudes are about 50% on 1 and 10-15 % on other.

It will be at least 6 months to complete and most likely will be longer, will post progress as time goes by

And finally Thank you all for the words on RidgeHill, appreciate it :))

01/05/02 Well it's here! RidgeHill Raceway is ready for download. After 8 months Dave and I Have finished
We have tested it thorough so there should be no problems, Many thanks to all involved as this would not be possible without there help, so enough talk go get it and enjoy. :)) Click here to download.

12/26/01 We are only a few days from completion, all that is left are a few textures, tweak the ai and fine tune
the groove.I have also added some new screenshots, 56k guys beware :)).

12/21/01 Site is up and working perfectly!.
Dave and I are working hard to get Ridge released, about a week away, maybe a bit longer.

Working on a setups section,you can see how it will work and it will start to become functional by 1/15/02.
Most are eagle and ferrari setups but I am looking around the net to find all that I can.
When it's up fully it will be a nice addition, especially to those that don't have time to spend on setting up cars.
I hope to have email setup shortly so anyone who would like to add to them can mail them and I post them.

Also look for some track and car building tutorials for those interested here in the near future.

12/16/01 Welcome to our new home! Thanks Jon!!

Not all the files have been uploaded yet, should be done in the next day or 2 so check back if you cant get something.

12/13/01 Been awhile since last update. Some new stuff . New shots of RidgeHill.

This track will be ready within 2 wks, hope ya enjoy!

08/14/00 Some great tools added for the track builder. Check out the tools page.

07/08/01 Added some more shots for RidgeHill, Release is not far now 

Thinking maybe in the next month or so its gonna be a goodie.

Would also like to take the time to thank Dave A.K.A. TopLoader for helping out with the textures, He has done some fantastic work. 

06/26/01 Added screenshots of upcoming track RidgeHill Raceway, Have a look.

Learned quite a bit   on this track  so I can now try to get this other 1 done...

06/07/01 New updates for Sepang put together by Toploader another nice addition. This update includes palm trees to! Take a look at the screenshots...Enjoy!

Jim Erickson has made some nice palms. Check them out.

Something's in the works....Hmm what can it be.


05/27/01 Updated Sepang, Fixed groove so it has texture to it, updated graphics with some of  Peter Dunhams graphics, nice addition thanks Peter, also added Mark Beakman's ai files also a nice touch, thanks Mark, and lastly a nice horizon from Team Friendship Thanks all 

Get updated track on tracks page, or get all the updates on goodies page to save time on your download. Just place in track dir.


05/20/01  Sepang released. Time for a break :))

05/19/01      The Malaysia Grandprix track Sepang  is almost a reality after nearly 5 months of hard work it is near complete. I can't thank the guys at GPLEA enough for being so kind as to release such wonderful tools, and to all the other people related to the art of making programs to make grand prix legends a better and more realistic sim.

Hope Ya enjoy this track,  hope to release sometime this week.